Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pete's practices are always lively, always productive - Marin Independent Journal
..."Nothing ever drags in our practice. I won't let it. The coaches won't let it," said Carroll..."I don't want to lose (the players') focus on the field, their intensity level that would cause their focus to wander. That's the whole idea. We're trying to capture their attention. It's just teaching."

For example, Carroll spent the first 10 minutes of a recent practice teaching USC freshman Rhett Ellison, son of former NFL linebacker Riki Ellison, how to long snap on punts. The USC coach...hiked the ball between his legs while the teenager watched. Carroll also participated in drills and may be the only major head coach in America who, in the same practice, can boast about completing passes (perfectly spiraled) and intercepting another...

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