Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beavers worried about themselves more than Trojans - Corvallis Gazette-Times
...The offensive and defensive linemen haven't been able to do their jobs and it has a trickle down effect everywhere else.

The players say they are going to dig deep to improve, while the coaches try to find ways to help this team win.

"I don't have magic for it," Riley said. "I just point out the obvious. I know what tears you apart is the vagueness and blaming of not doing your work.

"Players need tangible ways to get better. We have to go to them as coaches and show them this is what to work on, and see progress. Then they can climb out of the hole."

While the Beavers are trying to figure themselves out, they need a win over USC to keep their slim postseason hopes alive...

Also, Beavers face tough task to reach bowl eligibility - Salem Statesman-Journal

Thursday, July 08, 2010

U.S.C. Weathering the Storm - Pre-Snap Read
...Tennessee might be the only school publicly aiming its sights at U.S.C., but it won’t be the last — nor is it the only program hungry to kick the Trojans while they’re down, privately or publicly. Fellow Pac-10 schools see an opportunity: it’s not a large window...but for the first time in a decade, there is no dominant team atop the conference...

...U.S.C. likes playing the heavy, enjoys the doubt, revels being the bully. Yet you never want to supply your enemies with ammunition, not when your rivals sense a window to nab the crown off your head.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pete Carroll's last word on NCAA sanctions - Seattle Times
..."We checked everybody that came in. We scrutinized it. I guess it's projected like there were agents everywhere. It was never like that. At no time was it ever like that, and for somebody to perceive it that way, they don't get it. They didn't understand it, and they didn't do their homework because that's not what it was like.

"The perception that you received was not the reality. The reality was much different than that. The fact that we did things in a very unusual way, and made it as much as we could possibly make it for as many people and to share the experience with as many people as could fit, that made people uncomfortable. I thought we did it in glorious fashion. For that stuff, I don't apologize one bit. For the players, they would never apologize for that. We worked for everything we gained at that time, and are very, very proud of that. But it's part of this perception that was different."

Also, Carroll denies knowing of violations - Seattle Times