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USC's Chauncey Washington (C) is tackled by Arizona State's Chris Baloney (R) and Travis Goethel during their NCAA football game in Los Angeles October 14, 2006.
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Friday, October 13, 2006

[Hayes] Ten things to watch this weekend - Sporting News
...4. This is the week we'll feel gaga about the USC offense. I mean, it has to be, right? That Arizona State defense is about as formidable as toilet paper...At some point, USC must extend the passing game and stretch the field with deep balls. The problem is, both Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith have been hampered by injuries. Future star Patrick Turner isn't a deep threat (think Mike Williams), and rising freshmen Vidal Hazelton and Travon Patterson are hit and miss and haven't been able to assume that role. Jarrett says he's about "80 percent" healthy from a shoulder injury that was originally described by USC as a "sprain." The reality is, it was separated -- a much more significant injury. Something that likely will bother Jarrett the remainder of the season...
Holding the line - OC Register
His footwork and agility have made USC left tackle Sam Baker one of the best offensive linemen in the nation, so it's no wonder the conversation that changed his life happened on a basketball court.

Baker was in the fourth grade. The terror of the annual weigh-in had driven him from youth football...

...Baker had a chat with buddy Matt Slater's dad. That man happened to be Rams tackle Jackie Slater...

...Slater told Baker he looked like a football player. On the way home, Baker begged his dad to stop at a sporting goods store and buy a football.

"I said, 'Sure Sammy, but do you know Mr. Slater played 20 years in the NFL and I don't know that he's ever touched a football,'"...
Hancock gets a big break after even bigger letdown - LA Times
...USC sports information director Tim Tessalone suggested there might be a job for Hancock on the school's new flagship radio station, KSPN 710. Associate athletic director Jose Eskenazi made a call to program director Larry Gifford, who brought Hancock aboard to work on the station's pregame coverage and also do a midday segment every Tuesday.

Hancock is working toward a master's degree in communications and the nonpaying job fits him well. For one thing, Hancock is very bright. He was valedictorian at Clovis West High. For another, he is a good speaker.

"It has been great," he said. "I've always enjoyed doing interviews and speaking engagements, and talking about football comes naturally to me."...
In defense of 'SC's conservative style - LA Daily News
.."Our philosophy is to eliminate the big play. If that is conservative, I guess you could call it that," defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin said. "Conservative works for these opponents."

Throughout his career, Carroll has preferred playing zone over man-to-man coverages, which helps reduce the number of big plays but also allows open spaces to exploit.

"As of right now, we're a zone team," Martin said.

That can chafe the players, who usually prefer to get in an opponent's face and play man-to-man coverage...

Also, USC driven by potent offense - State Press
A Bush Precedent - LA Times
Shawn Walters reaches into his pocket, pulls out a jangling set of keys and places one on the table.

"Look at this," he says, pointing to a cardinal-colored house key emblazoned with "USC" in gold letters. "I love USC. I have no qualms with USC and I never will."

It's been 10 years since Walters carried the football for the Trojans, and a little more than a decade since his career was derailed by scandal.

In 1995, USC suspended the running back for taking money and other benefits from a fledgling sports agent — allegations similar to those currently faced by Reggie Bush.

Back then, the school took the unprecedented step of suing the agent...
All in the family - Arizona Republic
The T-shirts Saturday at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will be split. But the McFoy family won't be. There is no feud. It's just a rivalry between brothers practicing the one-upmanship that exasperates only moms.

Arizona State safety Ryan McFoy and his brother, injured Southern California receiver Chris McFoy, will be on opposite sidelines...

...An extended McFoy family of nearly 15 is expected to wear both school's colors and logos on shirts designed by their mom...

..."Yeah, she did up this T-shirt with ASU on one side and USC on the other," said Chris, a fifth-year senior whose only regret is that he won't get to play because of a shoulder injury...

Also, The real McFoy makes quick impact - State Press
Smith Is Doubtful He'll Play - LA Times
Having played the last few weeks with a patchwork receiving corps, USC quarterback John David Booty is excited by the prospect of having Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith back in the lineup together.

"Oh yeah, I love when those guys are on the field," Booty said. "It just makes me feel so much better, my confidence level."

But it might not happen Saturday...

...At least Jarrett said his injured shoulder feels significantly better...

Also, Receiving No Breaks - Inland Empire Press-Enteprise
Jarrett admits having separated shoulder - LA Daily News
Trojans welcome back star receivers - Daily Breeze
Devils, Trojans have changed since '06 - State Press
What a difference a year has made for the ASU football team.

Heading into a matchup
with then-No. 1 University of Southern California last season, the Sun Devils were ranked No. 14 in the nation with a 3-1 record and would have had an unblemished 4-0 record if not for several special teams mishaps against then-No. 5 LSU...

...ASU wide receiver Terry Richardson, observing USC's close calls, said he believes the Trojans' time for a loss has come.

"They are beatable and they got a younger team," Richardson said. "They are going to get beat sooner or later sometime this year. They are making too many mistakes. We just got to be on our game to be the ones to beat them."

Also, The Edge: ASU at USC - State Press
Arizona State still dangerous, even after back-to-back blowout losses - Daily Trojan
[Curley] Carpenter rewinds to move forward - VC Star
Koetter seeks QB motivation - The Columbian
FBI names counterterrorism office chief - Washington Times
A veteran FBI agent who served as the on-scene commander for agents deployed to Tanzania during the 1998 investigation of the al Qaeda terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy has been named to lead the bureau's Counterterrorism Division.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III made the announcement yesterday, noting that Joseph Billy Jr. has been credited by top Justice Department officials with pioneering several initiatives to help fight against international terrorism...

...Mr. Billy holds a masters degree in public administration from the University of Southern California.
Tom Arnold, U of Phoenix establish scholarship - Arizona Republic
...The program will award full tuition toward a bachelor's degrees to 100 individuals who have shown a desire to improve their lives and the lives of those around them through education.

The scholarship is in memory of Ryan Francis, a University of Southern California basketball player who was shot and killed in May while visiting his mother in Baton Rouge, La.

Arnold, who was filming a movie in Baton Rouge, heard what happened to Francis and contacted his brother, who works for the University of Phoenix, so they could start the program.

Francis' mother, Paulette, will be at the game to do the coin toss after the program honoring her son is introduced.

Also, Ryan Francis Endowed Scholarship Established - Official USC Website

Thursday, October 12, 2006

[Silver] Bush, McAllister finding their groove in New Orleans - CNNSI
...Sean Payton, the Saints' first-year coach, is creative enough to utilize both players' strengths in his varied offensive attack. Bush has only 170 rushing yards on 54 carries -- a 3.1 average -- but his 34 receptions lead the NFL. He is also the quintessential decoy, and when Payton motions him wide or deploys him in the slot, it opens up more room for McAllister to run.

The model, Payton told me last Saturday, is USC, which thrived with Bush and power runner LenDale White sharing the load behind a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback. "To credit Pete Carroll and his staff, they did an outstanding job of utilizing the players they had within the framework of their offense," Payton said. "There was a good balance...

Also, Bush Journal: Scoring my first TD - CBS Sportsline
[Mandel] What's wrong with USC? - CNNSI
...In terms of national-title implications, however, one question stands out to me as the most important of all: What's wrong with USC?...

...Big plays MIA

..."The production has changed," said Carroll...

...Uncharacteristic defense...
Carroll's defensive philosophy is all about creating sacks and turnovers, and USC has done plenty of both in recent years...

...This year's Trojans...have not been particularly adept in either area...

...Injuries, injuries, injuries...
Arizona State at USC - Athlon Sports
No matter how vulnerable everyone says these Trojans are, they’re still at home this weekend, continually shuffling great players in and out of games and, most of all, they remain unbeaten.

They host an Arizona State team that got pounded twice before taking a week off. The visiting Sun Devils might want to ask for another week once they’ve been in and out of Los Angeles, which should be no vacation. USC is due for a breakout game, seemingly ready to pound on somebody handy.

“We’re still growing, a work in progress, a bunch of young guys trying to figure it out,” Trojans coach Pete Carroll reminded. “We’re playing good ball, but the margin of victory is much tighter than last year.”...

Also, USC foes use possession game - OC Register
[Withers] Pac-10 programs' fortunes rise, fall with offensive line - Seattle Times
USC’s revival amazes former coach - East Valley Tribune
USC football has gone Hollywood. John Robinson never thought he'd see it.

"We had big-time players in my day
like O.J. Simpson, Marcus Allen and Charles White (all Heisman Trophy winners), but they didn't transcend university life," Robinson said. "Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush were superheroes in L.A."

Few people are more tuned in to the Trojans than Robinson...

...Robinson, who still regularly attends USC's games, is amazed by the Trojans' latest run...

...He wasn't sure that kind of dominance was possible...
Booty a worthy QB successor - Arizona Republic
John David Booty appeared on a regional cover of Sports Illustrated before he started his first collegiate game, standing between two sturdy Southern California linemen, a football in his hands, a reassuring look on his face.

At the time, who would've thought the Trojans storied program was in such secure hands? Going into Saturday's game against Arizona State, the Trojans find themselves in the same spot as the previous two years: unbeaten and in the national-championship hunt.

Difference is, they're just not as shiny...

Also, Booty's duty at USC was worth the wait - East Valley Tribune
Turner Draws a Crowd - LA Times
USC receiver Patrick Turner drew the most attention from a gaggle of young autograph seekers after Wednesday's practice, a surprise to the rangy sophomore.

"I think it's just the number," said Turner, who wears No. 1. "For little kids, that's what it feels like. They go to it. Like Barney."

Turner definitely got the attention of future opponents with his performance last week against Washington.

The 6-foot-5 Tennessee native had a career-best 12 receptions for 116 yards and a touchdown to help the Trojans improve to 5-0.

Turner knew before the game that his role would expand...
Chauncey coming to life - Daily Trojan
Something is missing. It's tough to put a finger on it. That Trojan spark, that explosiveness from recent years just hasn't been there.

Remember those three to four superhuman plays per game that made everyone in the Coliseum shift from boisterous cheers to bewildered awe and back to cheers? Me neither. It seems like a lifetime ago.

But the spark is coming, and the explosiveness should follow. And Chauncey Washington might be just the player to light the fuse.

You saw it last week...

Also, True Colors - Official USC Website
[Wolf] Carroll's cronies are no clones - LA Daily News
...Robinson, Orgeron and Holt are all defensive coaches, like Carroll, so it makes sense you might get a mini-Carroll if you hired them.

Or does it?

The truth is none of those coaches are like Carroll from a personality standpoint. They are all hard-nosed, tough, maybe a little gruff and have a take-no-prisoners attitude.

Carroll might be the most competitive person on earth, but he is none of these other qualities. In fact, he's the exact opposite: Accommodating, upbeat, adaptable and open-minded are more accurate descriptions...

...So USC hired Mr. Positive in 2001, while Syracuse hired Mr. Negative...
USC's big two receivers ready to take the field again - Daily Trojan
After being decimated by injuries in recent weeks, the USC receiving corps expects to get some firepower back with the return of junior Dwayne Jarrett and senior Steve Smith.

"We feel like we've got a chance to put a pretty good crew out there," coach Pete Carroll said Wednesday.

Jarrett played sparingly last week against Washington, catching one pass for five yards, as he recovers from a sprained shoulder.

Smith suffered a sprained ankle after pulling in five receptions for 96 yards and a touchdown...
Walk-on Gets His Kicks - Inland Empire Press-Enterprise
It's a pattern for punter Greg Woidneck. The redshirt sophomore walk-on who started his college career at Arizona State won't spend much time thinking about going against his old team Saturday at the Coliseum.

"I'm treating this as just another game," Woidneck said. "But then I try not to think out there anyway."...

..."I'm proud of keeping my composure in front of all those people," said Woidneck, who said he wanted to play at USC all along but couldn't get in after his senior year.

His ability to concentrate on just one thought when he takes the field has really helped him, Woidneck said: "I just want to get a punt off that's a fair catch."...
New arena raises sports profile at USC - Inland Empire Press-Enterprise
...the Galen Center is everything the Sports Arena isn't.

Funded exclusively by private donations, the complex will house USC's men's and women's basketball and volleyball teams. It includes an arena with 10,258 seats and an adjoining 45,000-square-foot pavilion that includes three practice courts, conference rooms and offices for coaches and administrators.

It also has a spacious weight room and medical training room, video-editing rooms and two player lounges furnished with couches, wireless Internet and flat-screen TVs.

But the arena's signature element is probably the view of the Los Angeles skyline through six two-story windows situated behind one of the baskets...

Also, Galen Center Schematic - Inland Empire Press-Entperprise
Athletics opens Galen Center - Daily Trojan
USC season-ticket holders pay the price - LA Daily News
Taking center stage - LA Daily News
Students to have Galen lottery - LA Times
Galen Center Time Flies When They Have Funds - LA Times
USC Seeks Downtown Admission - LA Times

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

TOUCHDOWN! - New Orleans Times-Picayune
The investment made 163 days ago yielded the anticipated dividends Sunday.

In startlingly dramatic fashion.

"When you see him on tape in college and you make a decision to draft a player like that, he's a guy who can change games," Saints Coach Sean Payton said. "And today, he changed one."

Reggie Bush's 65-yard fourth-quarter punt return for a touchdown not only snapped his personal professional scoring drought but rallied the Saints...

..."It was," said Saints running back Deuce McAllister, "electrifying."

Also, Bush's scorching touchdown run quiets the armchair quarterbacks - NO Times-Picayune
McAllister gladly takes backseat to rookie Bush - Lafayete Advertiser
Bush, Deuce lead way - Jackson Clarion-Ledger
New Era for Leinart - LA Times
...Quarterback Matt Leinart, making his debut as a starter for the Arizona Cardinals, threw a 49-yard touchdown pass on the opening drive against Kansas City. It sailed right down the middle of a Chiefs defense that hadn't surrendered a scoringpass.

"We weren't expecting a bomb right off the top," end Tamba Hali said. "They caught us off guard."

As is often the case in Arizona, however, that wasn't enough...

...Leinart lost for only the third time since high school — he was 37-2 as a USC starter...

..."I'm not used to losing," Leinart said. "And then actually contributing to a loss makes it that much more difficult."...

Also, Now, Trojans fans have a reason to watch games on Sunday - LA Daily News
There’s a ray of hope, and he wears No. 7 - East Valley Tribune
[Chadiha] After getting benched, Cardinals' Warner may be done - CNNSI
[Pompei] In Cardinals QB quandary, Leinart the answer - MSNBC
Ramsey headed in right direction for Eagles - Delaware News-Journal
They thought he was running the wrong way.

LaJuan Ramsey knew where he was going.
He just didn't know how to get there.

While the crowd showered him with cheers after he intercepted a Brett Favre pass Monday night, Ramsey's rumble went everywhere but straight ahead...

...Forgive Ramsey for looking slightly confused...

...Less than six moths ago, Ramsey was a sixth-round pick from the University of Southern California, headed to Eagles' training camp unsure where -- or even if -- he belonged...
Brady vs. Cassel: Battle of QB pranksters - Boston Herald
Tom Brady says he and backup quarterback Matt Cassel tend to fight like a pair of “teenage girls.”

Brady described a series of sophomoric pranks the two played on each other this past week.

The usual wrestling and slap-boxing between the two progressed with Brady causing Cassel to spill a chocolate milkshake all over himself in the quarterbacks room Wednesday. That forced a reaction from Cassel - a mouthful of milkshake spat back in Brady’s face...

...Cassel’s reply?...Brady’s Cadillac Escalade was filled to the brim with packing peanuts. Thousands of them were stuffed into his car....

Also, Brady: High-Pranking QB - Hartford Courant
Back to business for Brady - Boston Globe
Fargas gets Raiders running - Oakland Tribune
For the first month of the season the Raiders have been searching frantically for something they do well, something to build on.

They appear to have found it in the running game...

...the Raiders have a revelation in fourth-year running back Justin Fargas. He has 153 yds. in just 17 carries for an NFL best 9.0 average...

...And he's the No.2 back behind LaMont Jordan...

..."As a competitor, you don't settle for No.2," Fargas said. "In my mind, I believe I could be the guy to carry the ball and help the offense win. But for now, that's not my job. My job is No.2, and I am not going to take a different approach...
Trojans prepare for ASU QB - OC Register
Last year, Rudy Carpenter looked like he was going to set the standard for what a freshman quarterback can accomplish.

He seized the starting job at Arizona State, eventually prompting the man he replaced, Sam Keller, to transfer to Nebraska. But this season has ushered in a sophomore slump for Carpenter, one that USC hopes will continue through Saturday.

Carpenter's completion percentage has fallen with each game, from a high of 70.8 against Northern Arizona to a low of 31.6 two weeks ago against Oregon. He threw for 33 yards in the Oregon game. He also has nine interceptions in five games...

Also, Carpenter renews his spirit - Arizona Republic
Koetter: Plenty of blame to go around on 'O' - State Press
Trojans report: Inside slant - CBS Sportsline
USC is winning while still growing up, which is what coach Pete Carroll is most pleased about.

"We're still growing," Carroll said. "We're a work in progress with a bunch of young guys trying to figure it out."

Give the Trojans credit for doing just that...

..."We've been playing 15, 16 freshmen in these games. How do we look in the future? I don't know. We're going to continue to improve with these young guys."...

Also, Trojans report: Notes, quotes - CBS Sportsline
Trojans report: Strategy and personnel - CBS Sportsline
Booty Out to Prove Himself - LA Times
After playing his least effective game as a starter, USC quarterback John David Booty is eager to return to the Coliseum for Saturday's game against Arizona State.

Booty passed for 243 yards and a touchdown against Washington, but one of his passes was intercepted, three were batted down and the fourth-year junior was tentative on throws similar to those he had completed in the first four games.

"It was the first time I really felt like I didn't play up to my caliber," Booty said after practice Tuesday. "Missed plays happen, but you don't want it to keep happening throughout the game...
Two-Back System - Inland Empire Press-Enterprise
It's been more than five years since just two USC running backs had all the carries in a game the way Chauncey Washington and Emmanuel Moody did Saturday against Washington...

...But get used to it, Pete Carroll seems to be saying. Without a full-time fullback, the two-back attack, with each back getting more than 15 carries a game, will be around for the near future.

Saturday, Washington picked up 81 yards on 17 carries and Moody added 67 on 15 carries.

"Did Reggie (Bush) and LenDale (White) get that many?"...
[Curley] Carroll knows USC has to get better - VC Star
The 5-0 USC football team nears the midpoint of yet another season in the national spotlight.

The question is whether the Trojans will remain illuminated for a fifth straight January.

Injuries and ineffectiveness this fall, compounded with all those defections to the professional ranks last spring, have No. 3-ranked USC, which has played in the Bowl Championship Series for four straight seasons, scrambling to play up to its lofty reputation.

"You can't be any better than 5-0," said coach Pete Carroll on Tuesday. "So we're doing fine with that, although there is a lot of work to be done. I'm disappointed in certain aspects of our production."...

Also, Trojans believe they spoiled the nation - Daily Breeze
[Patton] USC Is Better Than Some Think - Inland Empire Press-Enterprise
Trojans must rush to correct balance - OC Register
Trojans don't feel heat, or any QBs - Daily Breeze
Does sackless mean sleepless?

Not at USC, where for two consecutive games, this fast, physical defense couldn't catch up to a quarterback.

You'd think the alarms would be sounding over this epidemic. And just think what it must be doing to defensive end Lawrence Jackson, who has slugged his way through five games during his junior season and has no sacks. This from a guy who had 10 last year...

...So Jackson should be one representative of that defense with bags under his eyes from the sleep deprivation...

Also, USC Is Feeling the Pressure on Turnovers - LA Times
No. 3 USC deep enough to shrug off hurt players - East Valley Tribune
An injury list that is 23 names long — including seven starters — would buckle most college football programs. Southern California is not like most college football programs.

Compiling the top-rated recruiting class in the nation for four straight years has bore fruit, giving coach Pete Carroll a lot of talent on the shelf.

“Guys are getting banged up, but we have a lot of guys who can play, too,” Carroll said.

“I’m not alarmed about it. If it continues, we just keep dealing with it and do the best we can.”...
[Pauline] Risers and sliders - CNNSI

...Ryan Kalil, C, USC: A favorite of coach Pete Carroll, the Trojans center is tough and intelligent. Kalil is a hardworking blocker with a nasty attitude, and he does an outstanding job of sealing open the middle for ballcarriers while also protecting his quarterback. In a draft with limited talent at center, Kalil ranks high and is close to solidifying his first-day status...


...Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC:...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

[Smith] Pardon the dust ... USC almost home - OC Register
...The Galen Center could have been USC's "Waterworld," with its ambitious blueprints, elephantine price tag ($100 million) and Hollywood-blockbuster expectations to become one of Southern California's premier sports and entertainment destinations...

...Even in its under-construction state, the majestic Galen Center is a better symbol than the eyesore the City of Los Angeles had let the Sports Arena become in the last decade. (I spotted a rat there once.)

Soon, the volleyball and basketball programs will have a proper home court. What's more impressive is that this sports castle has been privately funded, largely from $100 million in donations, including $35 million from the namesake benefactors Louis and Helene Galen...
Turner Stars With Receivers Hurting - Inland Empire Press-Enterprise
Someone had to step up. And with Dwayne Jarrett, Chris McFoy and Steve Smith relegated to shaking hands and signing autographs, USC's wide receiver crew boiled down to, as Coach Pete Carroll called it, "the pups -- and Patrick."

The "Patrick" in this case was sophomore Patrick Turner, expected to step up last week at Washington State before taking a step back. But at least Smith was available to take over then with his career game.

Turner, a 6-foot-5 highly touted Tennessean, had no choice Saturday but to follow up with one of his own once Smith went down with an ankle injury.

Turner was the man...

Also, Receiver Turner Steps Up in Big Way - LA Times
Kicker Danelo Is Building on Success - LA Times
Mario Danelo's record-setting performance last season went largely unnoticed for a USC team that scored touchdowns seemingly at will.

But after five games, the junior kicker from San Pedro has established himself as a prominent weapon for the unbeaten Trojans, who are still looking to hit their stride on offense.

Danelo made all four of his field-goal attempts in a 26-20 victory over Washington on Saturday that kept third-ranked USC on track for a possible berth in the Bowl Championship Series title game.

Danelo, the son of former NFL kicker Joe Danelo, converted from 34, 25, 32 and 21 yards after drives stalled against the Huskies...

Also, Kicker hoping to make the grade - LA Daily News
Special forces drill out big plays - LA Daily News
Forsett, Davis, Danelo Named Pac-10 Football Players of the Week - Official Pac-10 Website
Bradford practices at fullback - Daily Trojan
USC freshman Allen Bradford saw action at fullback during Monday's practice, but it is not a switch.

Bradford...played running back...switched to safety ...then went back to running back...both coach Pete Carroll and Bradford said it wasn't a position switch.

"We're just as we always do, continuing to experiment to see where guys can help us," Carroll said.

"It's not a permanent move," Bradford said. "It's just something coaches are messing with to see how I do and how I look."

Carroll said Bradford wasn't the only player to try different things...

Also, Trying to Get Bradford In - Inland Empire Press_Enterprise
Playing could mean Bradford hasn't had his fill at FB - OC Register
USC offense sputters - Daily Breeze
It was another day of 400-plus yards for the USC offense, which means it's among the elite nationally.

But why does it look like such a struggle?

By the fifth game of the season, shouldn't the Trojans have proceeded a little farther down the development path? Impatient, spoiled fans, naturally, say yes...

..."Sometimes it can get very frustrating, because you work so hard to get down there and you can't punch it in,'' said quarterback John David Booty...

Also, BCS still likes Trojans - LA Daily News
No Apology Necessary - Inland Empire Press-Enterprise
Forward Progress Stopped - LA Times
Second to None Might Be the Way to Go - LA Times
[Bisheff] Trojans do not deserve poll vault - OC Register
USC struggling? Koetter says no - Arizona Republic
Tick ... Tick ... Ticked off - Tacoma News-Tribune
...the officiating crew debated if any time should be put back on the clock. Several players later said they heard the officials debating whether to allow as many as six seconds.

Instead, they decided to keep the clock at two seconds...

...“The general rule of thumb is that if there is one second when I (signal to start the clock), and they snap immediately, the play can go,” referee Brian O’Cain said. “We try to keep the same pace the whole game. We don’t go faster or slower.”...

Also, Huskies take no satisfaction in coming close vs. USC - Tacoma News-Tribune
UW fans should focus on bowls, not conspiracies - Tacoma News-Tribune
Huskies lament ending vs. USC - Seattle Times
Ticked off - Seattle Times
Pac-10 top official backs up his crew after Huskies loss - Seattle Times
[Moore] What's up with Pac-10 officiating? - Seattle P-I
How about a little perspective UW fans - Everett Herald
Clock issue leaves Dawgs itching for more ticks - Eugene Register-Guard
Time expires, so Trojans exhale - Inland Empire Press-Enterprise
Conference officials face more scrutiny - Daily Breeze
Trojans still standing; Huskies are clocked - Daily Breeze
Trojans' daring escapes becoming a familiar theme - Daily Trojan
Hanging on - Daily Trojan
Plenty of Second-Guessing at Finish - LA Times
Carroll Defends Decisions Made Near End of Game - LA Times
USC almost gets clocked - OC Register
Pac-10 program demands more competent officials - Daily Bruin