Saturday, May 02, 2009

Maiava chasing job with Browns - Akron Beacon-Journal
When the subject of hunting was broached to Browns rookie linebacker Kaluka Maiava, he wasn't sure how to respond.

"What do you mean, on the field or actual hunting?" Maiava said.

That's because the fourth-round draft pick from USC honed his skill for chasing down opponents as a teenager, hunting wild boar in the the mountains of Maui.

And there were no guns involved,
just a of couple dogs and presumably a long knife.

"We don't use guns, that's cheating," Maiava said...

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David Buehler: 'My initial thought was, how many people are dead in this?' - Dallas News
David Buehler, the kicker/special teams player the Cowboys drafted in the fifth round, was standing on the sideline when the team's indoor facility began to collapse. He bolted out a side door and was sprinting across a practice field when a pole crashed down on him.

Buehler, dazed by a blow to his head, wriggled out from under the pole and crawled approximately 15 yards through pools of water before turning around and looking at the wreckage.

"My initial thought was, how many people are dead in this?" Buehler said tonight. "I thought I was the lucky one."

Buehler thinks he actually suffered the worst injuries among the players, although he wasn't severely hurt...

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