Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pete Carroll's last word on NCAA sanctions - Seattle Times
..."We checked everybody that came in. We scrutinized it. I guess it's projected like there were agents everywhere. It was never like that. At no time was it ever like that, and for somebody to perceive it that way, they don't get it. They didn't understand it, and they didn't do their homework because that's not what it was like.

"The perception that you received was not the reality. The reality was much different than that. The fact that we did things in a very unusual way, and made it as much as we could possibly make it for as many people and to share the experience with as many people as could fit, that made people uncomfortable. I thought we did it in glorious fashion. For that stuff, I don't apologize one bit. For the players, they would never apologize for that. We worked for everything we gained at that time, and are very, very proud of that. But it's part of this perception that was different."

Also, Carroll denies knowing of violations - Seattle Times

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