Monday, August 27, 2007

In U.S.C.’s Full Backfield, Student Body Right Has a New Meaning - NY Times
...“We’ve got 10 of them,” said Todd McNair, the running backs coach. “And we’ve only got one football. It’s like the TV show ‘Big Love.’ There’s only one dude.”

Few teams have ever collected more talent at one position. Each of the Trojans’ 10 tailbacks was a Super Prep All-American. Nine were Prep Star all-Americans. Seven were Parade all-Americans. Together, they were on 38 first-team all-American lists.

The group includes scat backs, power backs and traditional backs. There are three seniors, three freshmen and plenty in between.

...They did not have to make it this hard on themselves. All of U.S.C.’s running backs were highly recruited. The freshmen could have signed elsewhere. The seniors could have transferred...

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