Thursday, August 30, 2007

At USC, it's the stars - Daily Breeze
...So deep is USC's talent that even the man called perhaps the team's best all-around player has trouble holding down a front-line job.

A year ago, Emmanuel Moody emerged from an impressive group of freshmen to become USC's second-leading rusher...Now he's set to transfer to Florida...

...John David Booty is the third quarterback in the Pete Carroll era and he just might be the third to also win a Heisman Trophy, so abundant are the gems from USC's recruiting mine.

Yep, that's all it is at USC. Just roll out one blue-chip athlete after another and let them dominate season after season.

Does USC win with a star system? Or does having all that talent overshadow the fact that the Trojans' coaches have a winning system?...

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