Friday, August 31, 2007

Infatuation with USC open to exposure - Manchester Union-Leader
...despite being laden with all that talent, it's probably apropos for some words of wisdom from an 80-year-old Joe Paterno who's built a pretty decent reputation coaching football...

..."The best man, the best team, isn't automatically entitled to win," Paterno once said. "The winds of fate can turn you around, run you aground, sink you, and sometimes you can't do a thing about it." Southern Cal will face no fewer than a half-dozen teams...that, on a given day, are capable of running the Trojans aground and sinking them.

Given that USC has such a challenging mountain to climb just to get to the BCS title's surprising Lee Corso hasn't sounded off with his patented, "Not so fast." Especially considering the ESPN College GameDay analyst picked 12th ranked California to win it all...

Also, [Kriegel] It would be a long fall for USC - Foxsports

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