Wednesday, August 22, 2007

CFN Three-Year Program Ranking - College Football News
...1. USC
2006 Ranking: 1 2005: 1 2004: 10 2003: 24
Program Analysis: Make it three straight years for the Men of Troy, and once again, it's not even close with a whopping 6.87 points ahead of No. 2 Texas. Going 36-3 over a three-year span certainly makes the rating high, and as expected, the fans have starting showing up more and more. Fine, so the APR is average, but everything else is unbelievable. Only Florida State has had as many drafted players over the last three years, Only Texas has more Quality Wins, only Auburn has a better Elite Win score, and no one has more wins.

...20. California...29. UCLA...37. Arizona State...38. Oregon State...44. Oregon...69. Washington State...71. Stanford...87. Arizona...96. Washington...

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