Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Virtual world meets the real world - MSNBC
In an engineering lab at the University of Southern California, graduate student Arjun Rihan pulls on a pair of gadget-laden gloves and begins pointing at a computer-generated map of the main campus. As Rihan gestures at the plasma screen, the grid of streets and buildings begins to whirl.

"We have liftoff," Rihan jokes. Within seconds, he has focused the map down to a campus plaza. Tiny figures walk back and forth, and cars drive along the adjacent street. It looks like a realistic video game.

But this is no game. Instead, the scene blends virtual imagery with five video streams from cameras mounted just outside the lab building. Those are real people in the picture...

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Sarmen Gelectra said...

We're proud of our home-boy:)
Keep fighting Rihan..