Friday, April 28, 2006

[Sullivan] This continuing silence shows a touch of crass - San Diego Union-Tribune
...You would think Bush might feel some sense of responsibility to an institution that has educated him. You would think he might want to offer some clarification for actions and associations that potentially could cost the Trojans the forfeiture of 12 victories and a conference title. You would think his conscience would compel him to address the startling and increasingly specific allegations that have caused USC's administration and fans so much anxiety this week.

You would, of course, be wrong...

Also, Owner: Bush parents owe rent - San Diego Union-Tribune
Report: Bush extorted - LA Daily News
Bush Involvement Alleged - LA Times
Agent might have threatened Bush - OC Register
Runaway Reggie - Inland Empire Press-Enterprise
While locals love Vince, the world wants Reggie - Houston Chronicle
Reggie Bush makes cover of EA college grid game - Orlando Business Journal

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