Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Historical Debate ... Linebacker U. - College Football News
...1. USC
The Flag-Bearer – Junior Seau
The Ensemble – Clay Matthews, Chip Banks, Richard Wood, Rod Martin, Chris Claiborne, Jack Del Rio, Duane Bickett, Dennis Johnson, Willie Hall, Riki Ellison, Larry McGrew, Garry Cobb, Keith Browner, Matt Grootegoed, Scott Ross, Kurt Barber, Brian Williams, Marcus Cotton, Adrian Young and David Lewis

If producing a steady wave of big, explosive defenders constitutes Linebacker U, then the Trojans belong in the pole position. Over the last 35 years, USC has rarely gone more than a year or two without a top-notch, sideline-to-sideline linebacker to help anchor the defense...Led by Matthews’ whopping 19 seasons, ten Trojans have spent at least a decade playing professionally...

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