Monday, May 08, 2006

[Dodd] New committee giving further review to coach's challenge - CBS Sportsline
...The committee based part of their recommendation on a controversial bowl season for instant replay. For what is believed to be the first time, it was essentially acknowledged Monday that officials failed to overturn a touchdown in Texas' 41-38 victory over USC in January's Rose Bowl.

As Texas quarterback Vince Young was being dragged down in the second quarter by USC's Darnell Bing, he pitched to running back Selvin Young at the USC 11.

There were three issues: a) whether Vince Young pitched the ball forward (he didn't, video reviews show); b) whether Selvin Young stepped out of bounds during his 22-yard scoring run (he didn't); and c) whether Vince Young's left knee hit the ground as he pitched.

"Oh, it was down," Dave Parry, national coordinator of NCAA football officiating, told on Monday.

Would such a coach's challenge have saved USC in its quest for a third consecutive national championship?...

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