Thursday, May 11, 2006

Attorney: Suspect Healthier - Las Vegas Review Journal

Cole Ford appears to be a changed man.The former kicker for the Oakland Raiders, who stands charged with shooting a gun at the home of Siegfried & Roy in 2004, appeared in court Tuesday, cleanshaven and with his hair closely cropped. In prior court appearances, Ford was wild-eyed, and his hair and beard were long and unkempt.

Ford is in the midst of a recovery from paranoid schizophrenia thanks to a regimen of anti-psychotic medications given to him at a state facility, said Ford's defense attorney...

..."It shows that in most cases, schizophrenia can be treated."

He said he wants to make sure that if Ford is granted probation, he will be monitored closely and will have to continue to take his medication.

Ford had played for the University of Southern California football team and then for the Raiders...

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