Wednesday, May 17, 2006

[Dodd] Bush has no Heisman worries as long as the Juice is loose - CBS Sportsline
...To consider stripping Bush, the Heisman Trust would be going to a dark, dangerous place. It has no penalty process in place that we know of. Pursuing Bush threatens to overshadow this year's, and future, on-field races.

There are something like 20 national awards handed out each year. It's gotten ridiculous, really. It's easier to get on the watch list for the Lombardi than it is to get hired at McDonald's...

..."Where do you end? If you took his Heisman away, you'd have to take him out of the Hall of Fame too," said the venerable Roger Valdiserri, a member of the Notre Dame athletic administration for 33 years. Valdiserri just completed a term on the South Bend-based college Hall of Fame's honors court.

Bush isn't in the Hall just yet. But a replica of his Heisman, jersey and helmet are...

Also, Bush's MRI shows strained hamstring - Baton Rouge Advocate
Bush camp not speaking of controversy - San Diego Union Tribune

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