Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush to agent: No holdout - USA Today
Rookie Reggie Bush has instructed his agent to avoid a New Orleans Saints training camp holdout at all costs.

"I told my agent I want to be in here in camp on time ... whatever it takes, I want to be in camp on time," he said Saturday at the team's minicamp. "I think it is important to start off on a good foot and a good note, not only with the team but the city."...

...Bush is scheduled Monday to donate $50,000 through his Adidas shoe deal to a New Orleans high school for special needs children that was scheduled to close without the donation.

"I feel good about Reggie and his character," Loomis said. "I've talked to the investigators. I've talked to the league office. They informed us of the circumstances. I think that situation will resolve itself."...

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