Friday, September 14, 2007

Quotes to Note

"If No. 14 Nebraska beats No. 1 USC: A return to normalcy is declared in Nebraska, and Bill Callahan's appointment as seen as sheer genius...If Nebraska loses a close game, it's brushed off as a missed opportunity for a big upset. If it's a blowout loss, Callahan faces questions."
- Jake Curtis in the SF Chron on Bill Callahan's situation
"In Los Angeles a year ago, USC dismantled Nebraska 28-10. And the truth is, the well-stocked Trojans will be a handful for any team that lines up against them this fall. So it's understandable that Callahan is trying to keep the implications of this game in perspective."
- Herb Gould in the Chicago Sun-Times on Nebraska's public attitude
"This might be one of the only games I play in where fans will be watching what takes place on the line and not the skill positions."

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