Monday, June 05, 2006

[Katz] Francis' death is overshadowing USC's progress - ESPN
...This all sounds so trivial to discuss, but as Floyd said, this is the on-court reality the program needs to face. Francis was the only true point guard in the program, the steal of Floyd's first recruiting class after deciding against Louisiana-Lafayette and signing with the Trojans. Last season, he averaged a team-high 3.7 assists and was fourth on the team in scoring at 7.1 points a game.

"There are certain guys that impact a coach and certain guys impact a team," Floyd said. "There are guys who are rocks and become your favorites. He was that guy. He was the guy our staff loved so much that they never wanted to tell me if he needed to be corrected, because the guy could do no wrong with me."

Floyd always has been an even-keeled person, but you can tell -- and his assistants attested to this -- that he is deeply troubled by Francis' death. Recounting the week of his death, and the funeral, were almost too hard for Floyd...

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