Wednesday, May 03, 2006

[Travis] Matt Leinart's $12 million senior year - CBS Sportsline
Every college kid in America who is wasting their parent’s money by failing to graduate from college can thank Matt Leinart for having the most expensive year of college in American history. Everything short of Leinart’s year is a bona fide bargain. That’s because according to rough ClayNation math, Leinart’s senior year at USC cost him about $12 million in guaranteed money (the difference between being the overall No. 1 pick last year and No. 10 this year).

No matter what your parents say about what a waste of money you are, you can always respond, "Yeah, but Matt Leinart spent $12 million on his senior year and when he came out of college he still made $12 million. So there...

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