Thursday, May 04, 2006

Leinart's VIP Bash - The Arizona Republic
LAS VEGAS - Matt Leinart's final fling with unemployment was a doozy.

Paris Hilton stood next to him on the VIP section's white leather bed, dancing seductively. Across the bar, an all-girl band wearing black bras and leather boots swung from the ceiling on red feather boas.

"Next to my hometown Cincinnati Bengals, I have a new favorite team!" yelled Leinart's pal, singer Nick Lachey. "The Arizona Cardinals!"

Leinart's postdraft party at Pure nightclub in Caesar's Palace on Tuesday night was a last hurrah, not a preview of things to come, the Cardinals' top draft pick insists. He is sensitive to criticism that he has gone Hollywood and is determined to show Valley residents a different side.

"This party was a culmination of a few chapters in my life," he said. "From now on, it's all NFL. It's strictly business."...

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