Thursday, May 04, 2006

Corky: Smith's aware of pressure on USC's Carroll - Tucson Citizen
Larry Smith
feels for USC coach Pete Carroll and the school. Smith coached Trojans football from 1987-92 after seven successful years at Arizona. He is retired now and lives in Tucson.
"A school in a place that big, with so many people, is very susceptible to problems, especially those involving sports agents," Smith said yesterday.

"You can't imagine the extent to which 'SC football is teeming with agents and runners and people who want a piece of that success. I empathize with Pete. He's going through a tough time. A coach takes on all the responsibility himself and it pounds you down."

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KRomig said...

"He said he had no problems when he coached Arizona "because Tucson is kinda tucked away, not a place where the agents swarm like Los Angeles." It was pretty much the same, he said, at Missouri, where he coached from 1994-2000."

Or maybe, his teams stank??