Friday, May 26, 2006

Cody gets to use lessons from '05 - Detroit News
Shaun Cody will miss Dan Wilkinson's presence, but he welcomes the opportunity to step into Wilkinson's starting job.

Cody spent his rookie season with the Lions as an understudy to Wilkinson at nose tackle. Cody learned some of the nuances that made Wilkinson an effective starter for 12 NFL seasons.

The starting job became available when Wilkinson was released Monday.

For Cody, it is time to put into action some of the things he learned and observed as a rookie in 2005...

..."Shaun Cody is a good, young 310-, 312-pound kid who can really move. It's not just hold the point in a one-gap system. He's got to be a good rusher, and he's got to be able to play the field laterally a little bit. Balance always has been a good key for me."...

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