Monday, November 14, 2011

Dennis Erickson likely done at Arizona State - Football Rumor Mill
Erickson is 64 years old and has one year left on his contract. With one year left it is almost impossible to recruit so he is either getting a contract extension, getting fired or retiring with a year left on his deal. With a record at Arizona State of 31-28, it is obvious that the Sun Devils under Erickson are very mediocre and with new Pac-12 television money coming in and lots of empty seats at Sun Devils home games, it is time to find a coach that can do more than be average. Arizona State as a university has to decide just how bad they want to win in football. Do they want to make the commitment necessary to be relevant or are they content just being mediocre? Right now it’s hard to believe that they want to be great. It’s hard to believe that they care enough about football. Firing Erickson will be a start in telling its fans that they no longer want to settle for mediocrity.’s-time-for-change-at-ASU/

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