Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Arrogant Game Recap: Washington Huskies - Lost Angeles
It’s starting to hit me this season is almost over and I admit, I haven’t been this pumped up since early in the Pete Carroll days.  This team is young, fast and literally getting better every game.  If you haven’t been watching the games, you aren’t realizing that it is literally happening again.  ESPN does not show our highlights, the media downplays USC’s accomplishments and the only time they mention us is to try and pump Barkley up to leave by making grandiose statements about him (not to say he doesn’t deserve them).

The truth is, we have a chance for a 10 win season while sanctioned.  We have a chance to win the Pac 12 South.  Oregon is going to be a beast this week, but there’s a palpable sense that our “penance” has been paid  and the rest of the world is going to have to reap what they sowed...

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