Thursday, December 08, 2011

Charlie Weis is the Next Coach at Kansas - Pre Snap Read.
Charlie Weis will be the next head coach at Kansas. I know you’ve heard this already, but give it another moment to sink: Kansas, looking to replace Turner Gill, hired Charlie Weis. Formerly of the N.F.L, formerly of Notre Dame, then of Florida. Weis, who went to back-to-back B.C.S. bowls with the Irish and then went 16-21 over three seasons with his own players and his offensive system fully in place. A coach whose schematic advantage was seemingly rivaled by his own arrogance. Weis, whose offense with the Gators finished the regular season ranked 102nd in the nation. This was surprising. Weis left Gainesville with class, first interviewing with Kansas without informing his boss, Will Muschamp, and then taking the job as Muschamp was on his way to a press conference for the Gator Bowl. Muschamp and Florida can take some solace in the fact that Weis’s replacement can only be an improvement...

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