Wednesday, May 28, 2008

USC's Pete Carroll trapped by new recruiting rules - LA Times
..."I feel like that kid in 'Disturbia,' " Carroll said last week.

Kale Brecht, the fictional 17-year-old played by actor Shia LaBeouf...wore a court-ordered ankle bracelet that forbade him from traveling outside a 100-foot perimeter of his home.

Carroll can relate...And he is not the only road-hungry football coach shackled by the NCAA.

The so-called "Saban Rule" was reportedly adopted this year after Alabama's Nick Saban, another relentless recruiter, was accused of violating NCAA regulations that prohibit in-person contact with high school players during the spring evaluation period. The legislation, sponsored by the [SEC], sidelines all head coaches from April 15 to the end of May...

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