Monday, July 17, 2006

[Adande] Running Commentary From a Heisman Winner - LA Times
The two images and accompanying thoughts are stuck in my mind, snapshots from Heisman Trophy-winning seasons spaced 10 years apart.

One was a vision of Reggie Bush effortlessly breaking away from a crowd and sprinting downfield, followed by the realization that you can't tackle Reggie Bush by yourself. The first guy on the scene never does.

The other goes back to 1995, as I stood on the sidelines at an Ohio State practice and watched Eddie George emerge from the backfield and head my way. As he grew closer and seemed as if he should be wearing license plates, not a uniform number...

...Their styles were completely different. While Bush is the perfect cover boy for the newest NCAA football video game (some of his moves could be pulled off only with cheat codes), George was about as dazzling as Pong...

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