Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Arrogant Game Recap: Boulder Buffs - Lost Angeles:
Good Monday, Arrogant Nationals.  I write to you from the back of a wild boar as we are out hunting an animal so delicious and endangered I can’t tell you about what it’s called (it’d freak you out) or how it tastes (you’d think everything tastes like sandpaper from here on out).  I mean, it’s actually so delicious it borders on being disgusting, almost like, it’s so good I hate it because the bar is set too high. It’s like that scene in Once Upon a Time in Mexico where Johnny Depp kills the chef who made carnitas so good that he needed to murder someone.  And that’s me right now only I am on a boar (which are surprisingly amazing to drive, I am even able to blog on my Apple II I brought because I am just so Brooklyn).
So, we might as well talk about that football game we played against that school on that day that wasn’t Saturday (F U Larry Scott).  First of all, my enjoyment of this ass-kicking was severely limited by the fact that Folsom Field sucks.  It’s factual and I think it cannot be defended.

The biggest evidence this stadium was developed by children with crayons was the view the ESPN cameras had to use for the game...

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