Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Goal Line Stand: Only USC can match SEC - Athlon Sports
...It remains to be seen whether the Trojans will win the national title. With 10 games remaining, nothing can be guaranteed, especially when upsets are happening more frequently, and keeping collegians motivated and focused for four-plus months is more challenging these days than preventing a brokerage house from failing. Plenty of pitfalls remain on the schedule, although after watching Maryland dump Cal, UNLV knock off Arizona State, and UCLA hold BYU under 60 in a 59-0 disgrace, it’s hard to imagine a Pac-10’s all-star outfit coming within two touchdowns of the Trojans. But you never know.

The relative weakness of the Pac-10, the Big Ten’s seeming sag, the ACC’s hopeless devotion to basketball, and the Big East’s regression to a mid-major conference underscore USC’s overwhelming might. Although the Big 12 might put up a moderate stink, championship football is played these days in only one locale (save Troy): the Southeastern Conference...

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