Friday, July 07, 2006

Best-selling author to read in Rhinebeck - Poughkeepsie Journal
..."Talk, Talk," like much of Boyle's work, treads the line between humor and drama, as it details the struggle of a deaf victim of identity theft and her quest to find and confront the thief, including a cross-country journey from California to the Hudson Valley.

The thief, Peck Wilson, is a native son of Peterskill, N.Y., the imaginary town in much of Boyle's writing that is based on Peekskill, where he was born and raised. Despite his permanent relocation to California to teach at the University of Southern California, Boyle said the Hudson Valley will always feel like home..

..."I will always feel that I am an outsider here," Boyle said of California, noting that his experiences living in New York allow him to appreciate the landscape and weather of his adopted home...

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